Five Things // July

Neha SharmaComment

July, you were quite the month:

  1. Finally. After what feels like 84 years, I finally did some traveling. I spent 4th of July weekend in San Antonio with one of my best friends and her family. Thanks for accepting me as your spare child for the weekend! A few weeks after that, I went down to Austin for a retreat with work where we went out on a boat, bonded over late night chats on the dock, and came up with great ideas for our clients. It really is like a breath of fresh air to get out of your city and experience something new.
  2. I got into the Christmas spirit this month when I was shooting gift wrapping paper for a client! We had a blast even though the air conditioning was broken and it was probably cooler outside the studio than it was inside it. Gotta love that Texas heat.
  3. Save, Save, Save. It's never easy to come to terms with spending a lot of money, even if it is for your business. I've been saving up for a while to buy some new photo equipment which seems to always cost an arm, both legs, and my right ear. Will it be worth it? Definitely. It'll be great for my photography and what I'm doing with it. Before buying any photo equipment, be sure to shop around and find the best deals. It'll take some time, but it just might save you hundreds of dollars in the end! Feel free to email me if you have any questions regarding equipment! 
  4. Don't give up. You're getting closer to where you're supposed to be each day. Push a little harder, change, evolve, but never give up. I remind myself of this daily.
  5. I binge watched Scandal on Netflix this month (HIGHLY recommend it) and I feel as though this gif sums up an important lesson I learned these last few weeks:

Like the folks at Olivia Pope & Associates, I'm a gladiator in a suit (okay, more like jeans and a t-shirt) and I'm going to kick some August ass.