2015 Goals + The Biggest Lie We Tell Ourselves

Neha SharmaComment

It's here! Happy New Year! 2015: A new year and an IMPROVED you.

This year, let's make some changes. I'm not saying to go out there and make tens of thousands of resolutions that you'll give up on after three weeks. Let's make smart goals that will help us achieve our biggest and scariest dreams. Let's push our boundaries and beyond our comfort zones. Let's put forth the effort to improve our work ethic and productivity.

The biggest lie we tell ourselves is that we don't have time. "I don't have time to run." "I don't have time to cook." "I don't have time to blog."



If you're sitting in front of the TV, mindlessly eating Ritz Bitz, and binge watching FRIENDS on Netflix, I'm pretty sure you have time to spend on your personal and business goals. 

Ash Ambirge wrote one of the BEST blog posts I've read in ALL of 2014: Million Things To Do? Prioritise By ROI. (And Then Get A Life.) In it, Ash talks about prioritizing, time management, and how you CAN achieve and surpass your goals IF, and only if, you make them a PRIORITY. If you don't, every single one of your hopes and dreams is going to be put on the back burner until you eventually give up on them and before you end up doing that, you'll complain about the fact that your career is going nowhere, that you still don't have that bangin' body, and that you'll never live the life you truly want.

If you want something, GO GET IT. No one is going to get it for you.
Don't chase your dreams, WORK YOUR ASS OFF FOR THEM.
If you want to live the life you want, THEN LIVE IT.

Don't be full of regret five years from now because you didn't start today. Every day that you don't work toward your dreams is one extra day that it's out of your reach. 

Write down your main goals. Write down smaller goals on how you're going to achieve them. Work on them every day. 

You got this! The power, determination, and effort has to come from you, and only you. Make it happen. Now go make 2015 your year.