26 Things To Do Before Turning 26: 3 Month Update

Neha Sharma2 Comments

So we've made it to three months! If you haven't checked it out yet, I created a list back in October around my 25th birthday of 26 things to do before turning 26. Let me tell you, it's been pretty easy to forget about this list, but I've made a little (okay, very little) progress on it. 

I have managed to cross just one item off my list so far and that's getting a pedicure. I got one with the whole bridal party the day before one of my best friends got married! It was... amazing. Between the massage chairs, the nail polish that hasn't chipped since November, and the super jets in the little jacuzzi for my feet, I have no idea why I didn't do this sooner.

I knocked my numbers down a touch for my dishes made from scratch, books to read, and new restaurants to try. One of the dishes was a massive fail, though, if I'm completely honest. I wouldn't count it except that I spent the greater part of an afternoon making the dreaded... baklava. It looked so doable on TV and online, Chop some nuts (45 minutes of hand chopping later..), layer the nuts and phyllo dough (which has a tendency to tear and stick to everything, including itself), top with a few layers of the phyllo, cut the slices (ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE), pop it in the oven (until it's entirely too brown when it's only a third of the way through the bake time), and done! You have a beautiful, somewhat burnt disaster. I love baklava, but now, I love it even more when I'm not the one making it. I may try again someday, but it'll be long before I decide to go near the phyllo again.

One thing that I'm actually taking off of my 26x26 list is "Get a new piercing". After having a two year old rook piercing get infected which eventually made me get a full blown ear infection (which I'm still battling), I think I'm officially done with piercings. Sorry, dermal and snug piercings. It was fun to think about. I'm still thinking about what I want to replace this one with, so I'm up for suggestions if anyone has one! I'm in the process of working through a few of the items on my list, so there should be a lot of progress when I do my 6 month update in April!