Five Things // August

Neha SharmaComment

Another month, another five things! You know the drill.

  1. I read this article on Free People's blog on the power of letting go and surrendering to the moment. Don't be so concerned with the past which you cannot change (no matter how much you think about it and replay things in your head) and don't worry so much about the future and what's to come. Worrying won't change the outcome. Just learn to live in the moment and appreciate what you have and where's you're at in your life.
  2. One major thing I learned while traveling in August was that Texas truly will always be homebase for me. It's where my immediate family is, where I grew up, and where I went to school and chose to stay for college. It's a place I love. Leaving the state that is so dear to my heart doesn't mean I'm abandoning it and everything I love behind. It means going off to new places to feel rejuvenated, to learn something new about myself, and to lead a full life. Why only read and dream about places if you can go explore them yourself?
  3. Eleutheromania - a great desire for freedom. This ties in with #2. Adventure awaits and I'm ready for it.
  4. Shooting pictures at and going to concerts makes me feel so alive. I can think back to every concert I've shot and remember exactly how I felt in that moment when I look at the images I captured at those shows. It's a dream to do that for a living and make other people feel the surge of energy and emotion when looking at the images I create.
  5. "Don't just hear. Listen." I had a teacher in high school who always told us that and to this day, it's still something I keep in mind. There's a big difference between hearing and listening. When someone reaches out to you, listen to what they have to say. 
The most basic of all human needs is the need to understand and be understood. The best way to understand people is to listen to them.
— Ralph G. Nichols