Five Things // May

Neha Sharma2 Comments
The Icarus Account

First off, where did May go? I can't believe how fast this month went by!

I talked a lot in my Five Things // April post about learning to be patient and trust that things will work out the way they are meant to. Here's a little glimpse of what May looked like for me:

  1. For the first time in a very long time, I understood the beauty of letting go. When dealing with business-related situations, I stress out more when the ball is not in my court than when it is. Not having control in that area of my life gives me a little anxiety, which is normal, but I've been wanting to just let go and trust that whatever happens is what is best for me. After reading the Brian Adams quote I included in this post, I decided to focus on learning the art of patience this month. I have to say, changing my mentality and letting go has been... Freeing. Though old habits die hard and I still get the tiniest bit of stress, I feel as though I am finally understanding the beauty of leaving things up to fate. Ultimately, it's not in my hands anyway, so why stress out about it? If it's meant to be, it'll be, right? (Or fight to the death to MAKE it be whether it's in the stars or not!)
  2. You know when you feel that fire within you when you're doing something you are truly passionate about? I feel that when I shoot a concert, whether it's a small acoustic show or a big production. It's always nice to know that even now, I still feel that fire in me when I shoot (and even edit) photos from a concert. When someone tells me they love my work, I never take it for granted. I work hard and love doing this and knowing that people admire and appreciate what I put my heart and soul into is a feeling that I just can't describe. 
  3. Also for the first time, I have come to love gloomy/rainy days. Though sunny days are still my favorite, rainy days are perfect for recharging and editing photos. Add hot tea and a Parachute, Ed Sheeran, and Matt Corby playlist and there's no better way to spend the day.
  4. The succulents I talked about propagating in this post are growing! After a lot of trial and error, I'm finally figuring out how to make them grow baby plants. I'm not even a little bit ashamed at the fact that I shrieked when I saw the first few leaves sprouting. Slowly developing that green thumb, folks.
  5. Go outside. Leave technology behind and enjoy the fresh air. Eat healthier and sleep more. Do something good for yourself, physically and mentally. Summer is, without a doubt, my favorite season and leaving everything behind to go out for a walk/run at the lake has been the perfect way to start/end some of my days. Gotta start getting out now before Texas turns into the hottest place on Earth in another month!

Have a great month of June!