October Goals

Monthly GoalsNeha SharmaComment

Ah, the air smells of pumpkin spice (if you're in a Starbucks),

the fall clothes are coming out (maybe if you live in the Northeast),

and the air feels crisp and cool (just kidding, it's 90° outside).

Anyway, you know the drill! 


It's amazing how much more energy I've had since training my body to fall asleep earlier and wake up earlier. Having a slow morning to just relax, catch up on YouTube videos, take my time getting ready, etc. is an incredible way to start the day. I'm generally not a morning person, but I could be if every morning starts out this way.


I got back on the running train and definitely worked out more than I did in August! I even threw a little yoga in there during some of those slow mornings. 


Gettin' it done. *brushes shoulders off*


I'm really enjoying these monthly goals! They're small, doable, and help me fine tune what I really want to focus on for the next few weeks. Here's what I'm planning on tackling during October:


One of the reasons I haven't been around on the blog is that I've lost sight of my mission and what the purpose of this blog truly is. I have pages and pages of great blog post topics, but I lack the drive to actually write about those things. I want to shift my focus on what I love to write about and what truly brings me joy. Having more of a lifestyle blog is the direction I'm heading in. The hope and dream is that I'll find that love for blogging again with posts that I'm actually excited to write about and share!


I was listening to this episode of The Lively Show with Jadah Sellner when it struck me that I haven't made green smoothies in a long time. I think I took a break from them after one tasted an awful lot like a blended salad... It was terrible. I remembered how good drinking them made me feel, so I wanted to start back up on drinking them! So far, I've already been having one for breakfast each day for the last week and a half, and I'd like to keep up with that all month long.


I'm guilty for choosing to make quick meals over nutrient dense ones. It's not that I hate cooking, it's just that I would rather be doing something else. I'm the exact same way with reading books. Once I find something that I like to make, though, I have no problem spending a little time making it, even if it only takes me 5 minutes to gobble it up. I've been bookmarking recipes on Pinterest and I'm pretty stoked to try them out! If it isn't obvious already, I'm on a journey to make better choices about what goes into my body. When I got home from work today, I felt a little lazy, so I traded making something healthy for dinner for eating a lot of unhealthy snacks, and I definitely regret it. I feel gross! After consistently eating healthy food every day, it's amazing how your body responds to eating something unhealthy. You don't feel good eating it, and you don't feel great after the fact. By finding healthy recipes that I love to make and eat, I want to find joy in cooking and being intentional about what I'm putting on a plate and into my body. 

Have you come up with any goals for the month? Share them in the comments below!