Photography Business Branding: The Moodboard

Neha SharmaComment

Before I even got the ball rolling with the branding process for my photography business, I created a board on Pinterest to store any bit of inspiration I could find. Sometimes, I pinned images that popped up in my home feed, other times, I went searching for inspiration. After weeks of adding pins, I felt like my branding board really started to reflect what I'm looking for, the vibe, and the general feel of my brand. A little edgy, a little hint of modern luxury. I want my clients to know that what they're getting is special and done just for them! I'm drawn to striking geometric shapes over more of an organic flow these days, and wanted to highlight that in the design of my moodboard, too. I'm still in the pretty early stages of the design process, so serif vs. sans serif vs. a combination of both is still up in the air. Soon enough, we'll see how the final product looks and how similar it is to the moodboard!

photography business branding moodboard

Where is your favorite place to find inspiration for your branding process? If you have a moodboard for yours, leave a link in the comments below! I'd love to check it out!

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