How I'm Branding My Photography Business By Rebranding Myself First

Neha Sharma4 Comments
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The simple fact is that nearly every creative will go through a branding and then rebranding process. As you grow and develop as a designer, photographer, etc., you will find your style and go through a branding process to best showcase what you do and what your business is about! A good logo, website design, and business card will help you attract potential clients and let someone immediately know who you are through your branding. 

As you might have seen on my 26x26 list, one of my goals for this year is to go through an entire branding process for my photography business. I say "branding" because I have never gone through a branding process for my business! (I know, guys. I know.) Nothing ever felt right and I knew I wanted it to reflect me and my style, but that had to come with time. 

Over the last four or five months, I've been making subtle changes in my personal style! New clothes, a major hair cut, etc. Looking back through some of my Pinterest boards, I can see the transition has been in effect long before I even realized it. From the Design board to the Ink board to the Beauty and Fashion board, my taste in everything has been changing. I decided that I was no longer going to buy basics in every color and keep throwing my hair into a messy (note: not "chic" messy, literally messy) bun every day. With a short new 'do and nicer clothes in my wardrobe, I realized something:


Since I started really rebranding myself, style elements have been falling into place in a way that I feel best represents me at the core of who I am. These elements translate over to a logo design, website design, and eventually an entire package design that I can confidently hand over to people. Prospective clients will immediately get my aesthetic, and old and new clients will see it and understand the direction I'm heading in with my business and, well, myself as a person.

I'm grateful for things in my life falling into place the way they have been as of late because I have felt that extra push to be proactive and get things done. Shooting for clients and collaborating with creatives are where I love to put my time and energy. It's what makes me happy and feels right in my soul. Not too long from now, this entire website will look wildly different and will have a look and feel that will not only represent me well, but also attract the right clients. 

If you're interested in following along in my branding journey, follow me on Instagram where I'll be posting sneak peeks along the way! I'll be tagging all the photos with #TRIANGOLDEN

Have you been through the branding process for your blog or business? What are some of your tips to staying true to yourself through the process?

Note: Thanks to everyone who helped me try to come up with a hashtag. I think #ItsNehappening made me laugh the most! An honorable mention goes to #NehaSLaunch which I read as Neha St. Lunch which I suppose makes me the patron saint of sandwiches?