September Goals

Monthly GoalsNeha Sharma2 Comments

I woke up this morning and went outside to find that it was...


Yep. A minor "cool" front came through and, though I always prefer being too hot over being too cold, it felt refreshing! Definitely a sign that fall is just around the corner. (Don't worry, though. It'll be back up to 96° in a few days.)

Before diving into my September goals, let's take a peek into how last month's goals went:


95% done! I have bags of clothes to sell or donate and just have two things left to tackle: jackets and shoes. Those shouldn't take more than an hour, though. I've also purchased a couple staple pieces like a striped dress and this tote bag from Target. It's perfect for work and is EXACTLY what I was looking for!


I ran one whole mile last month, so... Hey, that's better than running zero miles, right? Just keepin' it real. I have, however, gone running more so far in September! #Progress


50% done! I finished Lean In and it has been a game changer for me. Ladies, I seriously do recommend it.


Well, considering that the only post that went out was the goals post... Haha, again, just keepin' it real. Life happens and with a full-time job and projects on the side, it's easy to throw this blog on the back burner. However, I do want to prioritize this, even if that means getting up a little earlier to bust out some posts that I've been meaning to write.


Not too bad for the first round of monthly goals! My biggest one was to purge the closet and I'm so glad that's almost done. I'm feeling better and better about it every day. Even though we're already almost halfway through the month, I've been working on some new goals:


I've been working on training my body to fall asleep earlier and wake up earlier. Some days are harder than others, but I want to get up early and have a slow morning instead of a rushed one. Really, I just want to be more intentional with my time.


This kind of goes along with the previous goal because I've been trying to do a little yoga in the morning before work. I've only done it a few times so far, but it feels so good to wake up and just stretch my body, breathe deeply, and focus on my intentions for the day/month. Between that and running, I'm starting to feel better! I just need to keep it up and try to do as much of both as I can.


I'm starting to get a much clearer picture of where I want to go and where I want to be, so I'm feeling supercharged to get things done right now. I've been incredibly inspired by other photographers and people around me, so I'm ready to put my head down and work hard to pave my own way.

What are some goals you're working on right now?