Supermoon: Through the [Telescope] Lens

Neha SharmaComment

Growing up, I was really into two things: astronomy and dinosaurs. I get that from my dad who loves anything science related. My love for those two things died down, but never completely went away and I'm still so fascinated by space and the history of the dinos. Last night, I decided it was absolutely necessary to bring out the giant telescope that I got from my parents for my 8th birthday (that's become more of a sciencey art piece than for actual stargazing) and use it to check out the Supermoon. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to check it out when the moon was huge and orange, but maybe I'll get to do that tonight if it's to be orange again. No complaints here, though. Once the telescope was pointed in just the right spot with the right lens, I used my iPhone and lined it up to snap these pictures. Yep. You read that right.

Telescope + iPhone = the pictures above and below this.

The fact that it was taken with a camera on a phone still surprises. The details it can pick up... The craters, the lines, the smallest of specks (which are actually gigantic, but look tiny in the pictures). The fact that we can capture what we see through a telescope from the 90's on an iPhone from 2012 blows my mind. The fact that people can capture pictures of the moon and even some planets using just a camera and an 800mm lens is just mind boggling.

Technology is an amazing thing.