Squarespace for Photographers: Lock Screen Feature For Clients

Neha SharmaComment

Photographers using Squarespace, rejoice! Last week, Squarespace rolled out a customizable lock screen feature that is extremely beneficial for photographers. If you want to have a space on your site to use for clients to see their images, this is the perfect tool. You can give your client a specific password to use on the page that will grant them access to their photos. From that point, they can choose which pictures to include in albums, share with family, etc. I especially see this as being beneficial for my musician clients because with one link and password, a gallery of images from a concert and/or portrait session can be accessed by the musician(s), their managers, their marketing team, etc. 

The lock screen pages are a well done, professional way of showcasing a client's images from their session and it couldn't be easier to setup. There are a few different layout options to choose from and they can be accessed under Design > Lock Screen in the back end of your site. Here, you can select your layout and then change fonts, text, and imagery to match your brand. If you decide to give the page a specific background, Squarespace recommends using an image with a width of 1500px.

If you're a photographer who uses Squarespace, will you be using this new feature for your clients? For other creatives, how would you use this for your clients?