The Art of Being Thankful

Neha SharmaComment

In your journey as a photographer, creative, or whatever it is that you're doing, never forget to be thankful for the little milestones and nuggets of success along the way. Don't see things as "this is how far away I still am from the main goal." Instead, see yourself as always getting a little bit closer to the dream! Whether it's an inch or a leap, you're making progress and that's what truly matters. The dream may change over time, but your progress will always make you better at your craft. Maybe you're thinking about changing your dream from being a wedding photographer to shooting food photography. As long as you're still working on your photography, you're going to constantly be improving and learning and developing your own style. Perhaps the "dark and moody" old film style is what attracted clients to you as a wedding photographer. You can translate that style to food photography and make it unique and still represent you!

Be happy and thankful for your opportunities, big and small. Also, always, always, ALWAYS be grateful for working with everyone you work with. Each person will teach you a different lesson whether you realize it or not. You never know who these people are connected to and who they might introduce you to! Maybe you're one client or mentor away from working with someone who helps you land your dream job! I have worked with amazing people and I have worked with tough ones. They teach you appreciation, patience, and people skills. Take advantage of all your networking opportunities and be optimistic about where each connection you make might take you!


And remember, everyone's journey is different. No two people go down the same path, so don't compare the beginning of your journey to the middle of someone else's. Someone's big milestone might be landing a job working with Vogue whereas your milestone may be finishing a meaningful project for a non-profit organization or even getting a high school diploma. Hell, some days, a big milestone for me is putting real pants instead of yoga pants! I even celebrate that a little because I feel a little more put together and better about the way I'm presenting myself in nicer clothes instead of my usual casual wear that makes me look deceptively athletic.

So whenever you're feeling a little down about your journey, reflect on your accomplishments and be grateful for them. They're shaping you into the person you are today and who you will be in the future. Pat yourself on the back, pour yourself a glass of champagne, and have a toast to you and your dreams coming true, one step at a time!

(If you send me a bottle of champagne, I'll toast to you, too! I am grateful for any bottles of Cristal should they mosey my way... ;))