Weekend Reading 10 // Travel Hacks & Apps

Neha Sharma2 Comments

With it now being 2015, I'm thinking about what's important to me this year. One of my biggest goals is to travel more within the US and also outside the country, especially with my photography career. Maybe to New Orleans? Back to Lake Tahoe? Nashville? London? Sydney? Who knows! I'm ready to pick up and leave and go just about anywhere these days!

The beauty of being a self-employed creative is that you can actually travel a lot from getting paid to do a specific job (like a tour photographer for a musician or a destination wedding photographer) or by making the decision to work as a freelancer in another part of the country or world. If you're a graphic designer who just needs a laptop, Wi-Fi, and a strong cup of coffee, you're all set to work from just about anywhere! That's one of the great things in working for yourself! For you traveling creatives, always be 100% prepared no matter where you go by using these travel hacks and apps: 

  • With our phones glued to our hands 24/7, traveling can be easier with a few handy apps. Lucky for you, Refinery 29 made a list of the 8 best travel apps. My favorite app on the list is one called Word Lens because it's GENIUS. So you're a tour photographer and the band you're working for has a stop in Germany where you can't read any of the signs. No worries! The app allows you to translate just about anything by pointing your phone's camera at it. You don't even need Wi-Fi to use the app! Great for anyone who is traveling internationally.
  • First off, if you don't follow World of Wanderlust, you need to. Brooke's blog is an amazing resource for anyone who is traveling to just about anywhere in the world. From museum guides to travel hacks, you're definitely going to find useful tips on what to do and how to save money doing it. If anyone is planning on traveling to Europe anytime soon (which is what I'm aiming to do), Brooke has 29 hacks to save you money while traveling to and through Europe.
  • If you want to travel more but don't know how to make that work financially, consider making travel your career! There are a lot of different ways you can make this work and Ashlea has compiled a list on how to go about making it happen. From teaching English to freelancing to becoming an au pair (or nanny), you can always find a way to make this happen as long as you're determined enough! Two photographers, Sara & Rocky, from right here in Dallas were able to travel to and live in Paris for a month in 2014 with 82 photoshoots under their belts in a span of four months!
    Work hard. Play harder. Make it happen.

Do you have any travel plans for this year? Share some of your travel tips in the comments!