Weekend Reading // 02

Neha Sharma2 Comments

A big thing happened this week...

I turned 25.

*cue quarter-life crisis*

Honestly, it feels weird, but more on that in a post next week. In the meantime, here are some sweet reads:

  • Buzzfeed has these two posts that understand my struggles with turning 25. (Thank God! I'm not alone!)
  • If you're like me and adore the rich colors of fall, check out the gorgeous tablemakers post on Lauren Kelp's blog.
  • I listened to these TED Radio Hour podcasts on NPR on "The Source of Creativity" and really enjoyed what Gillian Lynne (#3) and Elizabeth Gilbert (#4) had to say. I can count on one hand how many times I've listened to podcasts, but I'm starting to realize that listening to them in the background while I work is quite nice. I can actually absorb what I'm listening to while I'm working.

Are there any podcasts you recommend? Let me know!