Weekend Reading // 03

Neha Sharma2 Comments

Happy November! Hope y'all had a great Halloween! We've been experiencing some chilly weather in Texas and let me just tell you that I am not excited about it. If it could be 85 degrees all year long, that would be great. I live for the heat! The second it drops below 70, I start busting out the sweaters. (Reason #52 why I could never live up north.)

  • READ THIS POST BY REGINA: "How to Create a Brand Statement in Only 10 Minutes"

    So often, people ask us what we do and we respond with a simple response like, "I'm a photographer." Oh. Okay. That's nice. Moving right along... Regina breaks down why it's important to have a brand statement that tells someone exactly what you do in just a few sentences that sets you apart from other people. If you do one productive thing this weekend, craft a brand statement for yourself, no matter what your profession is. Get people to remember you and what makes you unique.
  • Kelly Purkey did a great job of explaining how to up your Instagram game in her tutorial. It's actually super similar to how I edit my iPhone pictures! Hmm, there's a thought! Maybe I'll do a little demo on how I edit mine.
  • I'm seriously into this gorgeous piece of...... thigh jewelry? I'm not entirely sure how it's supposed to stay up, but how great would this be in the summer or for music festivals?