Weekend Reading // 05

Neha SharmaComment

More often than not, I find myself practically in tears because I'm laughing so hard at a post I come across on BuzzFeed or somewhere else on the Internet. Being a writer or photo editor for a website like BuzzFeed is on my list of dream jobs right after being a tour photographer and somewhere before being a conspiracy theorist. Let loose today, check out the links below, and laugh a little (or a lot)!

  • Guys Offer Solutions To 12 Girl Problems: "Ben: What the hell is a romper?" - Okay, real talk, these are actual, real-life problems that women have and that men just do not understand (clearly). Just read some of the responses and you'll be cackling... out loud... just like I was ( work).

  • History According to Tumblr - If you're ever in need of a good laugh sesh, just look up "best of tumblr" anywhere and I assure you that you will be in tears from cry-loling so hard. I love a good history/art history joke and the 22 photos The Chive put together for this post were too good not to share. "Thou only liveth once. #yoloth"

  • What Your Coffee Order Says About You - First off, Man Repeller is full of fantastic posts that you need to read through this weekend. These "What Your ______ Says About You" posts by Sophie Milrom are hilarious (this one about buns is a personal favorite) and this coffee one is no exception. Most of the time, I'm "The Snowman" if I go out for coffee. Where do you fall on the list?