Weekend Reading // 07

Neha Sharma6 Comments

What a weekend! On Saturday, one of my very best friends got married to the love of her life and being a bridesmaid in their wedding party was a blast. To prepare for the #lamfamwedding, I got a manicure and my very first pedicure on Friday which means that I officially get to take that off of my 26 Things to do Before Turning 26 list! I honestly have no idea why it took me 25 years to get a pedicure. Massage chairs, a foot massage, and toenails that aren't cut at a weird angle (because it's really hard to cut your toenails straight, am I right?). It was amazing.

  • Rachel posted some awesome quotes to motivate and inspire dream chasers. The one shown above really struck a chord with me and it's one of those quotes I want to hang up and put somewhere where I can see it every day and maybe even have as a wallpaper on my phone.
  • I really have been hit by the drastic hair change bug (also on my 26x26 list) and I've been trying to decide between ombre and a long bob. Seeing Kate's hairspiration post and looking at Kristin Ess' Instagram feed is making me want to chop off all my hair.
  • Even though I'm too much of a commitaphobe to get any ink done, I'm quite smitten with this floral tattoo. I have a mental list of tattoos I would get if I were ever to get one and truthfully, none of them have any "deep meaning" behind them. All the tattoos I dreamed of getting when I was 18 that I felt had some sort of meaning behind them mean absolutely nothing to me now. Looking at tattoos makes me miss all the time I spent at tattoo shops my last year of college. I used to take photos of tattoo artists and clients and write about their stories for my senior show because everyone has a different reason for getting ink done. Seeing the large photos allowed people to initially make their judgments before reading the stories and seeing how far off they were about the people in the portraits. I've been thinking about picking back up on the series and doing another gallery show or a coffee table book with the photos and stories someday. Who knows!    

Speaking of ink, here's a little bride + bridesmaid selfie from yesterday! Congrats to the happy couple!