Weekend Reading // 11

Neha Sharma2 Comments

Support artists and creatives of all sorts:

  • "In those moments when you feel discouraged or lost in the studio, or when you experience rejection, rest completely assured that what you don’t know about something is also a form of knowledge, though much harder to understand." If you're an artist of any sort, give this a read: "What It Really Takes To Be An Artist" by Teresita Fernández. You won't regret it. 
  • Has anyone else noticed a spike in sternum tattoos? I've seen them pop up just about everywhere lately and though I wasn't a fan at first, I'm actually loving them now. I'm amazed by some of the beautiful and permanent work tattoo artists can produce on skin as a canvas, especially with the intricate mandala/henna styles that are probably my favorite when it comes to the sternum tattoos. 
  • This week, I downloaded a book called "Show Your Work!" by Austin Kleon. I'm really interested in reading it, especially as a photographer who also works in digital marketing. It's not just for artists who want to get their work out there. He says it's great for anyone! Give it a read and let's talk about it.