Weekend Reading // 12

Neha Sharma2 Comments

Oh man, what a whirlwind of a week it's been.

I'm taking some time in these next few weeks to dig deep and find out what really matters to me this year and to try to nail down what exactly I want to accomplish this year. You probably know that I have my "26 Things To Do Before Turning 26" list, but I'm talking about something more than that. I'm talking career goals and personal goals. Figure out where I want to be and what needs to be done to get there. This is good, though! This is progress. A little soul searching is just what I need to make the right decisions for me. I'm so grateful for all I have and what lies ahead of me.

Now let's get into the good stuff:

  • This week, I had the pleasure of attending one of Matthias Hombauer's webinars with Dave Watson from It was my first one and I quite enjoyed myself! He's a music photographer whose work I enjoy and whose work ethic and story I truly admire and respect. You can read about photographers, their story, their tips, etc. all day, but to hear them talk and answer real questions (instead of what they've deemed as "frequently asked questions") is a great learning experience. Though many questions were quite similar to the ones I asked early on in my own journey as a photographer, a few people asked him questions that I never even thought about. Check out webinars in whatever you're interested in! Just like podcasts, I'm sure you'll learn a lot from them. I already can't wait for Mat's next one. 
  • Squarespace's homepage just got a facelift and it's beyond gorgeous. Not only is the initial page stunning, but as you scroll down, you'll see that each section shines with it's clean design, template examples, and more. Honestly, you just can't beat a good Squarespace site and I would highly recommend signing up to anyone who is looking for a place to host their website (especially for creatives!).
  • Speaking of, a few site designs caught my eye on the new Squarespace homepage and that's how I found Bookmakers Baltimore. I dare you to go on their website and not fall in love. It's impossible. From the rich, dark colors to the well-styled images to the amazing logo design, I'm smitten. I want to live in that website. I want to go to this place and feel like I just stepped into their site. Can I take a screenshot and hang it up the homepage on my wall? It's truly a work of art.