Weekend Reading // 14

Neha SharmaComment

Last weekend, I posted about getting back into drinking smoothies to detox a little and get a lot of vitamins and nutrients in. What a difference it's made! I feel more alive, less sluggish, and more energized without having to reach for a cup of coffee. When you put good things in you, it changes your mentality. I've had a pretty productive, super charged week and I'm going to keep at it with drinking them!

Also, up above, you'll see the photo I Instagrammed where I -- get ready for this -- curled my entire head of incredibly long hair in F O U R minutes. I know. I know. My hair doesn't do so well on holding a curl, so to find that with my new curling wand, I can 1) curl my hair in record time, and 2) it holds a curl for days makes me feel like I hit the jackpot. This has been a breakthrough for me, guys. I think I'll be curling my hair more often instead of throwing it up in a bun or ponytail on the daily.

Now for some fun Internet finds from this week:

  • SEO can be one hell of a tricky beast. Regina did a great job in her SEO post by breaking it down using hilarious examples to make SEO a little easier for bloggers. She's great and full of expert advice! I've shared a link to one of her posts before and probably will share one again in the future. Just FYI.
  • This summer marks one decade of being a vegetarian. I have no idea how it has already been ten years, but I've made it! I would be lying if I said I don't miss meat from time to time. Over the years, I've tried a few veggie chili recipes and have been disappointed. Being Texas bred, I know a good chili (well, knew) and it's hard to find that heartiness and depth of flavor in a vegetarian friendly version. One of my all time favorite foodie ladies, Ree Drummond, put up her recipe for veggie chili and I am 100% going to try it. This looks like it might be the perfect vegetarian version! 
  • In addition to the talented Regina's site, another resource for bloggers is The Blog Manual that was created by my friend Tanea! Looking for tips, tutorials, and more for your blog? She's got it. This is especially great for new bloggers to get a sense of how to get their blogs and social platforms going.

Have you read any good articles this week? Leave a link below!