Weekend Reading // 17

Neha SharmaComment

Happy Easter! Hope you've all been having a relaxing weekend! 

  • Have you heard the buzz about Jay-Z's new project, Tidal? It's similar to Spotify, but twice the cost of the popular service and owned by the artists themselves. As far as sound quality goes, "Tidal offers listeners significantly better sound quality (1411 kbps FLAC; Spotify’s best quality is about 320 kbps, which is only available to premium subscribers)." Music lovers who want to learn more behind their favorite artists should check out their blog for "Album of the Week" picks, artist interviews, and local music guides.
  • Show your blog a little love this month by doing Jen's 30 day challenge! She has the whole challenge broken down by what to do each day to improve your blog. Tackling a blog overhaul can be a daunting task, but breaking it down into small assignments for each day is less overwhelming and extremely beneficial as it allows you to spend a little extra time on each item on your checklist. Just because it's April 5th doesn't mean you have to wait until next month. Start it today! I know I'll be doing it!
  • There's a good chance you've seen Seb Lester's Instagram account pop up on various blogs and sites lately. Well, there's a good reason why. From the Led Zeppelin logo to calligraphy complete with flourishes and everything in between, Seb is a master when it comes to anything handwritten. It makes me want to bust out my brushes and pens and get back to hand lettering!