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Greetings! Welcome to the newly redesigned website and blog for my portfolio! I'm Neha (pronounced nay-ha) and I'm a photographer in the great state of Texas. After graduating from college with a BFA in Photography, I was really looking for a photo blog that told me about the journey of the photographer. Where they get their inspiration, how they got started, what their long-term goals are, success and failure, etc. Since I couldn't really find what I was looking for, I decided to start a blog about my own personal journey.

This is for you, photographers and creatives. This blog tells you everything I mentioned above and more about my personal journey as a young female photographer. I also include tips and advice on what I have learned along the way, features on photographers and products I like, and important things I want other creatives to know. 

This is also for you, self. This is for you to look back on and reflect on how you got to where you are now. Don't forget to stay humble, stay inspired, and never forget where you came from. 

Check out the about page above to see more details on what kinds of photography I'm really into. I love shooting concerts, food, and portraits that tell stories. I hope I can inspire you and teach you new things! Should there ever be a topic you would like for me to cover, shoot me a message on the contact page above or leave a comment!

Dream big!